Aerial Filming

We love bringing locations to life using aerial footage; collaborating with producers, directors, content creators and social media sensations on their projects is still one of the main reasons we enjoy what we do so much.



Every job has a shared vision, and outcome, and we love working with teams to deliver projects which inspire.


We use DJI drones for our commercial work, and have experience with the smallest Mavic Air Compact Mini Drone, Phantom & Inspire Series’ right through to the larger commercial Matrice system. All of these products deliver excellent image quality, but understanding what each one offers allows us to select the right tool for each job.

Flight Automation

In some particular situations, we may need to pre plan a flight and automate the flight path of our drones. In an area with flight restrictions? This might be the way to go. Looking to create some different looking content, such as timelapses or simply looking to repeat a certain flight route over a period of time? All of this is achievable, drop us a line to discuss.

Ground Filming

The DJI Inspire series of drone supplies us with one of our favourite ground-based video recording systems- the DJI Osmo & X5 camera. We love this system so much that we own two of them. Where speed is king there are few systems which can deliver what this does, so we often suggest this system where budgets need to be controlled.

We also have in house Canon 5d4’s, the DJI Ronin M gimbal and our substantial catalogue of Canon ‘L’ grade lenses, covering 15mm Fisheye all the way to 600mm of telephoto. These lenses also provide the basis of the kits we use for TV and film production jobs, often using Canon C300mkII, and even finding their way on to the front of Red cameras for the most critical of jobs.

Working internationally

Shooting on locations across 20 countries from Brazil to Bulgaria in the last 4 years, we have a breadth of experience of international flying law and a variety of practical experience which helps us deal with each project’s requirements. From the complexities of international customs practises and carnets, through to on site digital file management solutions, both the crew and the media will be safe when we are part of a team.

CAA Licensed and Fully Insured Drone Operators

All of our pilots have full public liability insurance and commercial practise approval. Rest assured they will know what they can do and can not film at your location, but if you’ve got any questions then all you have to do is give us a call- we’re very happy to chat!